Refund Policy

7 Day Exchange or refund policy

We will refund or exchange goods if returned within 7 days of purchase on provision that the goods are still in their original condition along with original sealed packaging and must not have been used.


Online Game Code purchases cannot be refunded

Voucher codes cannot be refunded once code has been issued


Except as otherwise provided in any legislation, all refunds and/or exchanges of merchandise will be subject to the following restrictions and only accepted provided the following conditions are met

  1.  All original tags and any sewn labels are still attached
  2.  The item/s are in an unworn, unopened and unused state
  3.  In original sealed packaging

If you are not able to comply with these requirements, Dapper is unable to accept the exhange or return of these items for hygiene reasons.


Except as otherwise provided in any legislation, all refunds and/or exchanges of software or games will be subject to the following

1) No refunds or exchanges will be made in relation to software or games in respect of which have been opened and/or the seals have been broken or appear to have been tampered with.

2) No refunds or exchanges will be made in relation to software or games once opened due to your failure to check that you or the person you are acquiring the game for, has a system that meets the minimum specifications required and/or relevant age restriction.

3) No refunds or exchanges will be made in relations to software or games that have been damaged due to abuse, misuse or system malfunctions.

4) As games are protected by copyright law, defective games will be booked in for testing and if found to be faulty, will be exchanged for the same game.

5) Under no circumstances can we exchange or refund games that require online authentication or activation. Once opened, they are deemed to have been activated and authenticated.

What can I do if the goods are defective?

If your goods are defective within the first month of receiving them from us we will repair or replace them. Send an email to to request a return.

If a product is defective within the first 7 days of purchase Dapper will be responsible for the cost of this return.

If a products is defective after 7 days the cost of the return is the responsibility of the customer. Should you wish for Dapper to book a return on your behalf the courier service will be charged at R70 per order

Please note that it may not be possible for Dapper to determine whether goods have been damaged or what the cause of a failure or defect may be. This is of importance as it determines whether the goods may be repaired or replaced. Accordingly, we reserve the right to refer returned goods for technical assessment by the manufacturer or authorised service centre prior to repairing or replacing and endeavour to provide feedback within 15 working days of receipt of the returned goods and to act accordingly.

If your goods show a defect after the first month, but still within the manufacturer’s warranty period, Dapper will send the goods to the manufacturer for repair and the manufacturer will decide whether you have a valid claim and if so, whether they will repair or replace

If the goods become defective once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, we can arrange with the manufacturer or its agents to repair them. No repairs will be done without you approving a quotation first

In what instances will the manufacturer’s warranty not apply?

The manufacturer’s warranty will only apply to defects in the process of manufacturing the goods and will not apply in the following instances
• Misuse or failure to follow the product directions, improper installation.
• Improper maintenance.
• Accident, neglect, fire, water, lightening or other acts of nature, unauthorized product.
• Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by Divoom.
• External causes, such as electric power fluctuations or failure.
• Use of supplies or parts not meeting the specifications of Divoom.
• Normal wear and tear.
• Any other cause that does not relate to product defect.

Can Dapper assist me if I want an out of warranty repair?

Yes, we can assist you to have the goods repaired by acting as an agent on your behalf. The law requires the following in respect of repairs:
• The manufacturer or its repairs agent must quote you first and you need to accept the quote before the repair can take place
• The quote must include the supply and installation of replacement parts, as well as the labour costs
• You must also give authorisation for diagnostic work in order to determine the scope of the required repairs

You can send an email to

Kindly note that Dapper will honour the above policies in line with the South African Consumer Protection Act.

Thank you for trading with us.