Thuraya Scratch Card – 50 Units


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Scratch card to credit any kind of Thuraya prepaid SIM cards.

Credit for Thuraya prepaid services for Phone and Thuraya DSL services. Free of shipping costs: Credit Code is sent by Email. No shipping of physical cards.

How to refill using scratch cards?

To load new credit on your Prepaid SIM card you need so called scratch cards. With the purchase of the scratch cards you receive a serial number and 14 digit scratch card number (also called pin code). Reloading of units is only possible after activation of the card and after the validity of the card was started with a first call. To load the scratch card on your SIM card different possibilities are to you at the disposal:

  • If you have the Internet password, you can use the online Thuraya refilling service on the homepage of Thuraya: www.thuraya.com. Select the record sheet ONLINE SERVICES and then the link online Thuraya prepaid refilling system. After entering your telephone number and your Internet password you are requested to enter the 14 digit pin code. You receive your Internet password by sending an empty SMS to 1522.
  • Dial 160 followed by 14-digit scratch card PIN code. Press ‘Dial’.
  • Send SMS to 150 (message – 14-digit scratch card PIN code, starting and ending with #)
  • Key in *150* scratch card PIN code # then press the ‘Dial’ button. (to refill even while roaming in GSM).
  • Call 150 and follow voice prompts to enter scratch card details.

Terms of the credit

  • uncharged PIN codes have an internal validity of at least 1 year from the date of purchase. The exact date can be found on the page https://services.thuraya.com/ OnlineBillingService / View Expiry using the PIN code (Scratch Card Number).
  • On the day of credit loading:
    – new credit is adds to existing credit.
    – the validity period of the summary credit will be set to 365 days.
  • To prevent expiring of credit, at least 20 units must be reloaded within the credit validity.