PKI Miniature Receiver


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PKI Miniature Receiver

This small device is really a phenomenal achievement in the field of electronic microchip technique. PKI 2445 is the worldwide smallest in-the-ear receiver. This earphone-receiver should not be missed in any observation where tasks have to be carried out in public areas. A complete VHF Receiver, with integrated power supply, by means of a small-sized coin cell, is placed in an ordinary earphone. It picks up the required signal and performs a perfect sound reception.

The specially developed circuit board offers audio functions which normally only can be expected by large and professional radio receivers. PKI 2445 is equipped with a carrier-frequency- controlled squelch, noise filter, automatic frequency control (AFC) and two adjustable volume levels.


  • Max. Distance: approx. 1.000 meters
  • Frequency range: 138 – 240 MHz special frequencies upon request
  • Operation time: up to 15-30 hours
  • Automatic Frequency:  control included
  • Squelch and Noise Filter: included
  • Accessories: Cleaning set, batteries, etc. are included