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The iSavi iSatHub is a satellite Wi-Fi hotspot that runs on the Inmarsat satellite network. By creating a wireless link between the Inmarsat network and your Apple and Android devices, the iSavi iSatHub enables your devices with a blistering fast (in satellite terms) 384kbps internet connection – far faster than the satellite Wi-Fi hotspots from Inmarsat’s competitors.

Therefore, with the global coverage (Polar Regions excluded) of the Inmarsat satellite network, the iSavi iSatHub satellite Wi-Fi hotspot enables you to use your smartphone and tablets way beyond the limits of cellular networks, just as if you never left the hustle and bustle of the city. iSatHub can also be used with Windows laptops.

Unlike the narrowband satellite Wi-Fi hotspots from Inmarsat’s competitors, the iSavi iSatHub is a broadband connection – meaning that you do not have all the heavy usage restrictions that are required to be implemented in order to get apps running over a narrowband connection. On your iSavi iSatHub’s broadband connection, things just work.

Download the iSavi iSatHub Brochure