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Iridium GO Satellite WiFi HotSpot

Iridium GO is a narrowband satellite Wi-Fi hotspot. Up to a handful of smartphones or tablets can connect to it at once to make calls and send text messages via satellite, by means of the Iridium GO apps that are available as a free download in the Apple & Android stores. The truly global coverage of the Iridium network means the Iridium GO works anywhere on earth, while the Wi-Fi hotspot it creates has a 100 foot range.

Being a narrowband device means the internet connection on the GO is rather cumbersome. At 2.4kbps (before compression with Iridium GO’s email and internet app) the Iridium GO satellite internet connection is sufficient for text emails, small attachments, social network updates – and very limited browsing of websites that are optimised for low-bandwidth devices – however bandwidth hungry 3rd party internet apps such as Skype and YouTube definitely won’t work.

Iridium GO is only slightly larger than a box of cigarettes, and so carrying it around is extremely practical. Iridium GO is very easy to use: the user simply lift the antenna into the up-right position which powers up the Iridium GO. When powered up the Iridium GO automatically connects to the Iridium satellite network, after which it starts broadcasting that connection over its Wi-Fi interface.

Iridium GO has an ingress protection rating of IP65, which means it is very well protected against water and dust – even in demanding environments. For safety conscious users Iridium GO comes with an in-built SOS button which sends out a distress call together with the user’s location to a pre-programmed emergency centre.

***Note for maritime users: Iridium GO can now be fully and easily integrated with the brilliant PredictWind App for Apple, Android, Mac & PC. Requires the standard or professional subscription from PredictWind.

Download the Iridium GO Brochure.