DataLocker (IronKey) H300 BASIC Portable EHDD USB3 500GB


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High-Performance, High-Security USB 3.0 with Centralized Management

DataLocker (IronKey) H300 BASIC

Designed to meet the high security and performance needs of enterprises and government agencies, the DataLocker (IronKey) Basic H300 is encased in a tamper-resistant, high-strength aluminum enclosure and features AES 256-bit hardware encryption, USB 3.0 performance and a Section 508 compliant control panel localized into eight languages around the world. Basic drives can also be upgraded to Enterprise drives.

DataLocker (IronKey) H300 ENTERPRISE*

Get all the same features as the Basic H300 plus cloud-based or on-premises centralized management to customize security policies, deploy and manage secure portable devices across networks and security environments with  IronKey EMS or SafeConsole. DataLocker H300 with client version 6.0 or later, is now optionally managed by SafeConsole or IronKey EMS. Previous versions are only compatible with IronKey EMS.

*Requires an IronKey EMS or SafeConsole (H300 client version 6.0 or later) license (sold separately).

Centrally Manage Drive Access and Usage

Centrally administer access and usage policies with the cloud-based or on premise IronKey Enterprise Management Service by DataLocker or IronKey EMS by DataLocker on-premise Server.
Remotely disable or terminate lost or stolen USB drives – powerful options to prevent access to rogue devices.
Enforce device-specific policies, including password strength and retry limits, onboard portable applications, and where devices are allowed to be used.

Easily manage thousands of DataLocker (IronKey) Enterprise H300 devices and other IronKey Enterprise flash drives and secure workspace for Windows To Go. Use an intuitive, secure online interface to apply security policies to their organization’s DataLocker (IronKey) Enterprise hard drives, flash drives and secure workspace devices. Users can easily self-provision their devices, or you can initialize the devices and deploy them to end users.
Securely recover access to user devices and repurpose devices that are no longer in use.