Cohiba Genios Maduro 5


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The Genios Maduro 5 first came out in 2007, so it is one of the newer cigars in the family. It is 5 1/2 inches long, or considered other in size. The factory name for this particular cigar is the Genio and comes in a box of 10. The strength of this cigar is a medium to full. It has a woody taste when smoked. Many compare it to allowing dishes to sit and soak up the flavor all day and are better the longer they sit to the flavor of the Maduro 5. The wrapper has aged for at least five years, giving it the taste of perfection. Many see the aging of the leaves what gives it the multi layered flavor and aroma that comes from the cigar as it is enjoyed. Knowing where the Cohiba started can help you see their history along with seeing where they are going. It started out in 1963 as what was known as a Fuma, which happens to be when a cigar is rolled by hand by a torcedor who uses them for their own use. This particular kind of cigar was offered to Fidel Castro who enjoyed it so much that it became his favorite. In about 1964 a factory was opened to make cigars so that Castro could enjoy them along with using them as gifts. Later on the production of the cigars was moved to where the El Laguito Factory is located. The cigar that started it all was not named, but is known as the Laguito No. 1. Then in 1967 there were two more sizes that were added to the production line and they were the Laguito No. 2 and No. 3.

We all know that Cuba is known for their cigars. There are four different regions that grow tobacco, but there seem to only be a few farms that are just right for the Habanos cigars. The four regions are called Vuelta Abajo, Semi Vuelta, Partido and Vuelta Arriba. Each of the regions has a particular type of tobacco plants they are able to grow well. For example, Vuelta Abajo and Partido are known for being able to grow good wrapper leaves. The Semi Vuelta and Vuelta Arriba regions grow the tobacco plants for other part of the cigars. The tobacco is grown in one of two ways; each has a particular reason for being good for the tobacco plants. For example the tobacco plant that is grown in the shade are those that will be the wrapper leaves. It makes the conditions perfect for this type of leaves.

LENGTH 5.5″ / 140 mm
STRENGTH Medium to Full
BOX 25