Cobham Explorer 710 Inmarsat BGAN Terminal


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The 3.2 kg heavy Inmarsat BGAN Explorer 710 is Cobham’s top-of-the line model for satellite data communication on mainland


  • Multi-user-terminal
  • Remote activation
  • Remote management
  • Phone, fax, VPN, internet, email
  • Simultaneous one voice – and multi data connections
  • Video conference and video streaming
  • User defined data profile incl. assignment of bandwidth for services, e. g. VoIP and separate APN’s
  • Explorer connect App for Mac iOS und Android supporting VoIP (SIP softphone), Web Interface and Pointing Assistance.
  • Web Interface (languages UK, FR, DE, ES, RU)
  • Double BGAN-dataspeed via connecting 2 devices (optional Bonding)
  • Connecting of an additional battery (optional hot-swap)
  • Extension for GSM LTE Modem (optional)
  • GNSS over GPS or GLONASS


For usage of the BGAN Explorer 710 you need a SIM-card for postpaid-contract (see documents) or  prepaid-voucher too.

Additional accessories for Explorer 710 e. g.

  • Separate handset
  • Antenna Protection-Box for external long time installation
  • PELI Case 1600 transport box
  • Car charger